As a resident of Bedford County, there are many different ways you can support the local Democratic Party and candidates running for office.  One of our most important ongoing effort is to do more organizing at the Precinct level. If you’d like to learn more about why this is important, read this article.  Organizing by Precincts  Consider becoming a Precinct Captain and coordinating and cultivating Democrats just in your Precinct.  We now have a page dedicated to that end.  Click here.

Other ways to support include:

  • Displaying a lawn sign
  • Hosting a house party
  • Working at campaign headquarters
  • Going door to door
  • Volunteering at an event
  • Working on Election Day
  • Hosting a fundraising event
  • Making phone calls
  • Writing a letter to the editor
  • Helping get out the vote
  • Providing housing for campaign organizers

If you can’t volunteer, you can always help us financially.

Complete and submit the form below to indicate the type of volunteer activities in which you’re interested in participating or you can just call us at 540 425-2332.

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You are also welcome to attend any of our meetings or events.