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Campaigning – What you can do

As a resident and voter in  Bedford County, there are many different ways you can support the local Democratic Party and candidates running for office.

If you’d like to work for a specific candidate, check out that candidates page here.

Robert Hubbell’s Newsletter has outlined a lot of other national options. Check it out.

Other ways to support Democrats:

  • Displaying a lawn sign (these are usually available through our often temporary headquarters)
  • Hosting a virtual house party
  • Working at campaign headquarters
  • Going canvasing door to door
  • Writing postcards.  Go here for info on doing that.
  • Volunteering at an event
  • Working on Election Day as an Election Official (Poll Worker)
  • Being a precinct observer.
  • Hosting a fundraising event
  • Making phone calls
  • Writing a letter to the editor
  • Helping get out the vote
  • Providing housing for campaign organizers
  • Organizing social media campaigns

If you can’t volunteer, you can always help us financially.

You are also welcome to attend any of our meetings or events.

Contact us if you’d like to do any of the above.

Ultimately it would be great to have more organization by precinct.  Read more about that here. Organizing by Precincts  Consider becoming a Precinct Captain and coordinating and cultivating Democrats just in your Precinct.  We now have a page dedicated to that end.

Other Party Priorities

  • Voter registration and combating voter suppression remains a high priority for our Committee.
  • Welcoming new members to the ranks of the Bedford Democratic Committee continues to be a priority. Come on in Millennials!
  • Supporting the end of gerrymandering for fair and just redistricting is of great importance for the health of our Democracy and for our Committee.
  • Supporting and protecting our Democracy must be a concern for all Americans during these very tumultuous times

Gear up Everyone! Stay Engaged