Due to an increased interest in activism we have formed an INDIVISIBLE  group in Bedford. Although they meet together, one portion of the group is focused on the 5th District and other on the 6th. INDIVISIBLE is a blueprint developed by congressional staffers on how to resist the Trump Agenda focusing on local, defensive congressional advocacy, embracing progressive values.  We are trying to accommodate, through this group, a wide range of possible actions.   Please check  out the philosophy behind INDIVISIBLE through the link below.   Contact us if you would like to talk to someone about the group or are interested in joining.

Email the INDIVISIBLE group at :  There is also an official but private Facebook page.

The following is a link to information.  We suggest you download the pdf and inform yourself.


Note:  The INDIVISIBLE group is not officially part of the Bedford Democratic Committee.  If you wish to join INDIVISIBLE , we certainly would welcome you to also become a member of your local Democratic Party.