Social Media

Social media, particularly Facebook and Twitter has become increasingly important for obtaining relevant and timely information about issues and candidates.  These avenues are also becoming ways in which we can remain connected and be vehicles for information dispersal and announcements.  The internet won’t fix politics, but we by being involved will, and the internet and social media can help. The greatest value of the internet now is mostly in building a community of like-minded folks who can take action.  You can also engage people with opposing viewpoints. You’re unlikely to change their minds but it is worth trying.  Like our page to join in.

The Bedford Democratic Committee has a Facebook Page.

The Bedford Indivisible Group has a private page.

Online and Email Petitions

Most digitally collected petitions whether through email or online won’t move the needle much.  Organizations and candidates use petitions to identify and educate people interested in issues or movements and to build lists for fundraising and future alerts.   If you want to at least be recognized by this radar, go ahead and sign.