Mark Warner for the US Senate – 2020

Mark Warner is our candidate running for re-election in the US Senate. Spread the word! Get involved! Donate to his campaign! For more information visit his website.  

To help re-elect Senator Mark Warner:

Friends of Mark Warner is putting together videos of our supporters from all across the Commonwealth, showcasing their support for Senator Warner’s re-election.

This quick video clip can be recorded on your phone, laptop, or any other device with a camera and microphone ability. If you cannot participate, we welcome recommendations for those who would be a great fit for the video. Videos are due no later than Wednesday, July 29th. Send your videos to Jack Foley at

Here’s what to say:

Think about what you’ll say ahead of time, and practice saying it out loud once or twice. Follow the following format:

  • Introduce yourself: “I’m NAME from TOWN. I support Mark Warner because…”
  • Share why you’re supporting Mark: What issue is most important to you this election? How is Mark going to address the issues that matter most to you? Why do we need to make sure that Mark keeps his seat in the Senate?
  • As a closing, repeat your name and Team Warner: “I’m NAME and I’m on Team Warner.”

If you can use these exact words, that would be helpful — our team is working on a montage video!

If you have any questions, contact Jack Foley at