Bedford Call to Caucus 2017

The Democratic Party of Virginia will be selecting the members of the ruling Central Committee over the next several months. Each Congressional District Democratic Committee and each Local Committee has a participation in that process. In May each Congressional Committee will hold a convention where the delegates in attendance will help select 10 men and 10 women who will serve on the Central Committee. And in April the Bedford Democratic Committee will hold caucuses for the 5th and 6th Congressional Districts to elect the delegates and alternates who will attend the District Conventions. Below you will find a ‘Call to Caucus’ document that outlines the process by which the Bedford Democratic Committee will hold the caucuses and elect the delegates. Also below are the delegate pre-filing forms for each Congressional District. If you are interested in attending either Convention you must fill out the appropriate form and return to Karen Nuzzo by the deadline. But know that if there is the exact number of delegates and alternates, or less, filed for either Convention, then one or both caucuses will be cancelled. There is also a possibility the District Conventions will be cancelled if exactly 10 men and 10 women, or less, file for membership on the Central Committee.

Bedford County Democratic Committee Calls to Caucus

2017 Delegate Alternate Pre-filing Form, 5th District

2017 Delegate Alternate Pre-filing Form, 6th District