22nd District Info



The House of Delegates District 22 Democratic Nominating Committee will hold an unassembled caucus (firehouse primary), if needed, on May 15, 2021, for the purpose of nominating a Democratic candidate for the Nov. 2, 2021 General Election for House of Delegates District 22.

Each person seeking to become the Democratic nominee for the General Election for the House of Delegates District 22 must be a registered voter in that district. Candidates must file a Declaration of Candidacy Form, posted with this Call to Caucus, and a $200 filing fee, payable to the Lynchburg  Democratic Committee.  All filing fees, after caucus expenses are deducted, will be contributed to the nominated candidate’s campaign committee. Filings must be submitted from 9 AM April 19, 2019 through 7 PM, May 5, 2019. Only those candidates who have properly filed a Declaration of Candidacy form and paid the filing fee by the deadline will be eligible for nomination.  Candidates must also complete additional requirements of the State Department of Elections and submit additional forms to that Department.

Filing method: Before filing, provide your personal email address, the email address of your campaign committee if you already have one, and phone numbers to the Chair of the Nominating Committee, Nichole Sanders, at nciholesanders99@gmail.com. Submit the signed Declaration of Candidacy Form and a check for $200 payable to the Lynchburg Democratic Committee in person to Nichole Sanders by prior arrangement at nicholesanders99@gmail.com or 434-382-8355. Write  “HOD 22 filing fee” in the check memo. The check must be drawn on the account of your campaign committee, if you already have one. If you do not have a campaign committee yet, the check must be drawn on your personal account.  No other person or organization may pay your filing fee. Do not mail the form or check. Do not submit the form or check to anyone other than Nichole Sanders.


Second caucus notice:  If no candidates file, or only one candidate files, the caucus will be cancelled. If a caucus is needed, a notice with the time, place and rules will be posted by May 8, 2021 at lynchburgdemocrats.org (the Web site of the Lynchburg Democratic Committee).

Changes: Any changes to this Call to Caucus will be posted at lynchburgdemocrats.org (the Web site of the Lynchburg Democratic Committee). Candidates should check this Web site for any changes before filing.

The Nominating Committee will publicize the nomination process and caucus. Reasonable actions shall be taken to promote participation in the caucus in accordance with the Affirmative Action provisions of the Party Plan of the Democratic Party of Virginia.