2018 5th Congressional District Election Information

The Caucus was held April 18th.  Here are the results.

There are four Democratic candidates running in the 5th District congressional race.  One candidate will be selected to run against the incumbent (R) Rep Tom Garrett.  The following will be the process by which Democrats will select our candidate.

Step 1 – Campaigning for support

Each of the candidates listed at the bottom of this page is highly qualified and have begun visiting localities and securing support from Democrats all over the 5th District. The candidates will be looking for supporters willing to become a delegate or alternate and attend the District Convention on May 5.

 Step 2 – Getting local delegates to support a candidate 
These delegates/alternates will be elected at local caucuses based on the number of people they can persuade to attend the caucus on their behalf. The Bedford County Democratic Committee will hold its caucus on Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at Bedford Central Library. Doors will open at 6:00 p.m.
How the local caucus works

A Democrat from Bedford County chooses a candidate to support either through visiting websites, meeting and talking to the candidates, or by word of mouth from friends. This Democrat decides to run for a delegate or alternate position to the Convention from Bedford County. To get elected, the Democrat needs to bring as many supporters to Bedford’s Caucus who will agree to back the chosen candidate and elect the Democrat as delegate. The more the chosen candidate can produce supporters and potential delegates to the caucus, the more delegates are allocated to the chosen candidate. Neither delegates nor those that attend the caucus on their behalf have to be members of the committee. However, they do have to be registered voters in the 5th District and willing to sign the Democratic statement of support.

If you decide not to be a delegate but want to support one of the candidates, you can attend your local caucus and vote for those running as your candidate’s delegates.

Step 3 – Nominating a candidate at the convention
According to the 2018 candidate filing information from the Virginia Department of  Elections, along with guidelines from the Democratic Party of Virginia, the 5th Congressional Democratic Committee will hold a nominating convention on Saturday, May 5, 2018 (or May 12 as back-up) for the purpose of selecting the Democratic Party nominee for US House of Representatives, Virginia Fifth Congressional District.

This is in accordance with the CD5 committee’s intention to hold the 2018 convention at the earliest date possible in the nominating cycle.

 The Candidates
Five people have announced their intent to seek the nomination for the 5th. Please visit their website to read about their positions on issues that concern you and donate.

Leslie Cockburn, lesliecockburnforcongress.com


Roger Dean Huffstetler, rdforva.com

Ben Cullop, cullopforcongress.com

Andrew Sneathern, sneathernforcongress.com